8 hours

This levada takes us to an almost heavenly scene of an emerald green paradise.

8 hours

It is one of the most popular levadas in Madeira and its name lives up to the number of fountains or little waterfalls that’s possible to count once you arrive there.
LP Max offers a premium service of visits to wineries and wine cellars, with wine tastings as well as visits to the vineyards.

8 hours

This tour begins with a visit to the lofty Cabo Girão, the second highest sea cliff in the world, 580 meters. It has a glass platform and the most daring and breathtaking views

4 hours

When visiting Madeira, it is a must to experience the famous Espetada!

4 horas

This tour starts with the ascent of the mountain slope towards the Eira do Serrado, 1094 m. It presents us with an impressive landscape, the fascinating beauty of the mountains and vistas that extend downwards to the foothills of the Nun’s Valley.
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